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Roxana has always been in the business of helping others. She has spent many devoted years in the healthcare profession establishing great connections with all of her clientele along the way. Assuring that everyone’s needs have been met has always been one of her top priorities.
With her career shift into the real estate market, Roxana’s pursuit to establish herself while still also helping her respective clients find the home of their dreams, continues to be her absolute priority. 
With so much change going on in the world today, Roxana always takes the time to guide her clients and give them the reassurance they need. Evaluating and developing a strategy is important when helping a client find what is right for them. Her ability to meet her clients’ expectations and help them make a secure decision is what proves that Roxana is an excellent agent.
When not studying the market or showing houses, Roxana loves to spend time with her 3 children.

Let the Journey Begin

Cosmo Group believes in establishing clients for life, not just for one more transaction. They bring a high degree of intelligence and empathy to each interaction, and are consistent with the high standards in their level of service.

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