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Born and raised in the heart of NYC, I bring a unique blend
of cultural richness and professional expertise to the world of
real estate. With roots tracing back to Ecuador, I’ve
embraced the diversity that defines the New York City
landscape.  As a seasoned real estate agent, notary public,
and marriage officiant, I’ve dedicated over 25 years to
helping clients navigate the intricate terrain of property
transactions with fluency in both English and Spanish. My
journey began at Monroe College, where I honed my skills in
business administration, laying the foundation for a
successful career built on integrity and excellence.  Beyond
real estate, I also bring a wealth of knowledge as a tax
accountant, ensuring that every aspect of my clients’
financial needs is expertly addressed. My commitment to
customer satisfaction drives every interaction, making the
journey of buying or selling a home as seamless and
rewarding as possible.  With a passion for soccer and a love
for travel, I find inspiration in the diverse cultures and
experiences that shape our world. Yet, above all, my
greatest joy comes from my role as a devoted spouse and
mother of three wonderful children. They are my constant
motivation and the true heartbeat of my life’s
purpose.  Guided by the belief that family values are the
cornerstone of success, I strive to serve as a beacon of
integrity and inspiration not only to my children but to all
those I have the privilege to work with. Every transaction is
an opportunity to not only achieve your real estate goals but
to also embark on a journey towards building a brighter
future. Let’s embark on this journey together and turn your
real estate dreams into reality.

Let the Journey Begin

Cosmo Group believes in establishing clients for life, not just for one more transaction. They bring a high degree of intelligence and empathy to each interaction, and are consistent with the high standards in their level of service.

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